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What I see, from the middle of it all.

I know what it's like to raise a family, lead a business, and fill my downtime with abundant recreation here on the Westside. My wife and I feel so fortunate that our kids had such a special place to grow up.

But now we see how hard it is for young people and those in the early days of their families and careers. We have excellent post-secondary education just across the bridge, but once young adults try to establish careers or step into the housing market, they feel hopeless. How many people do you know who have waved their grown kids off to other cities with better opportunities for financial success?

Many of my friends are business owners and struggle to attract and retain staff. Unfortunately, the lack of accessible housing affects the workforce it takes for a business to thrive. Economics development and housing opportunities are tightly intertwined.

Can a city councillor turn global economics around? No. But there are local and provincial strategies, partnerships, and advocacy tables where a proactive council can help unlock frustration and open more opportunities for residents of all ages to stay and prosper.

No one should have to leave West Kelowna because they can't afford to live here. As your councillor, I'll explore every possibility to move us forward with improved housing attainability.

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Side Notes...

  • Professional background in finance and development

  • Currently finishing my first term as a West Kelowna City Councillor

  • An active part of leading through large infrastructure projects (Water Treatment Plant, City Hall, Future PW Yard and new Firehall 31,  Roundabouts, Community Evaluation and Future Planning) 

  • See the next four years as my opportunity to ensure that as we implement plans, the residents' vision becomes a reality

  • Lean into money-saving initiatives, such as in-house service development rather than outside contractors

  • Proud to see the strengthening of communication between City Hall and residents

  • Favour long-term planning and funding access to accelerate safety initiatives

  • High value on working relationships, such as IHA, WFN, provincial partnerships and collaborations 

  • Wins for Community safety with the current council: 8 new firefighters, 5 police positions, ??km of sidewalks, safety improvements on multiple roads, ____bike lanes, ___ hectares of wildfire mitigation 

From my point of view, West Kelowna has an aggressive growth plan in place. Council's focus for the next four years will need to be on advocacy and planning to create the intensive infrastructure that our community will need to thrive.

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