Please consider supporting my campaign and vision for our community through a donation. All donations will be used to further advance our vision through signs, media, etc. 

There are a number of ways that you can donate:

(please see the rules and regulations surrounding campaign donations below)

Personal cheques may be mailed to:

Friesen for Council (cheques payable to Jason Friesen Campaign)

3172 Woodstock Drive

West Kelowna, BC  V4T 1S2


Email transfers can be sent to

Please note:

The BC Municipal Election Financing rules have undergone very significant changes. The new rules state:

  • Only INDIVIDUALS who are Canadian and BC residents can donate.

  • The maximum any individual is allowed to donate in a calendar year is $1200.

  • Companies, corporations or partnerships are no longer permitted to donate either in cash or through donated services.

  • Any donation in “kind” e.g. office furniture, rent, computers must be reported and the market value of those donated items must be reported as a donation.

  • The name of any donor who donates more than $100 will be included in the report to Elections BC and will become public information.

  • Unlike a donation to a Provincial or Federal Political candidate or Party, no tax credit or tax deductions are available to the donor


For more information on these new rules please visit

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