About Jason

I have been blessed with an amazing family. Melanie, my wonderful wife of 21 years, 3 awesome kids, Keegan, Aiden and Sarah. Our home is filled with laughter, silliness and heart moving moments. As my children are growing older and forming their own unique views and opinion they definitely keep me humble and balanced. It is a joy to observe and be apart of this transformation within my family. It is also why I am choosing to run for West Kelowna City Council.

In 2004, we moved from Winnipeg and immediately fell in love with West Kelowna. Coming from the prairies we were in awe of the beautiful mountains, the amazing lake and beaches as well as all the activities that came with these features. Over the last 14 years, we have been able to watch and participate in the growth of what was initially a little town. It has been exciting to see how West Kelowna has been able to grow and yet still keep its small town feel, which I believe is one of the characteristics that draws many people here, and which I also believe is important as we continue to grow. 


As we have raised our children, we have worked to instill in them a foundation and principles that will allow them to grow as individuals, be confident in their identity, understanding their weaknesses, as well as their strengths, and using these attributes help them create a vision for their future. Since the incorporation of West Kelowna 10 years ago, council has done an admirable job in creating foundations and policies that have provided for the stable operation of the community. As I speak with my neighbours, community members, as well as those that work with the current council, the message is clear:  


West Kelowna now needs to create an identity of their own with a clear vision for the future. It is time for a change and new perspectives to create a vision that will lead us through the next stage in our city's growth. 

Having a background in accounting and business consulting, as well as my experience in the sales and business development profession, has given me a well rounded perception of what has transpired since West Kelowna's incorporation. It also provides me with the insight into what it will take to get us through the next stage of our city's growth.

My goal as a councilor is not to only share my vision, but more importantly, to hear about and work toward the vision of those that work, live, and support our community. I hope that together, we can work to create a vibrant and flourishing city that will allow our families, children and grandchildren to stay, work and most importantly, be proud of the community they live in.

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