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Know the Candidates

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Shape the Future

As West Kelowna navigates the ups and downs of growth, electing strategic leaders is crucial.

Evidence of growth is all around us, and West Kelowna's residents rely on City Council to lead through the complications it brings.


  • Community Safety Concerns

  • Housing Attainability & Economic Development Opportunities

  • Recreation and Active Living Enhancements

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To create a thriving future for all residents, we need to think and work beyond our sweet little spot on the map.

West Kelowna's unique blend of local jurisdictions and governing bodies makes our community's challenges complex. The councillors you select are your voice at the City Council table and beyond. They are your advocates with broader levels of government and represent your interests with countless partnerships. Electing strategic, collaborative thinkers for local leadership has never been more critical. 

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Vote for Momentum

In Jason Friesen's first term as councillor, he was an active part of significant steps forward, including infrastructure, recreation, and public safety initiatives.


✓ A long-awaited Water Treatment facility nearing completion

✓ A functional, accessible City Hall underway

✓ Round-abouts and road upgrades for safer streets

✓ Sidewalks and bike lanes for active transportation

✓ Expanded Fire and Police servicing

✓ Elevated community input, evaluation and planning to create a formal vision for West Kelowna

✓ New Official Community Plan

✓ New Transportation Master Plan


Jason, the council, and the community have worked together to create a vision and a plan. He wants to ensure that those are executed successfully and as intended.

Re-elect Jason Friesen to implement what's begun and guide West Kelowna in what's next.


"I’m in the stage of life where I see what growing families are looking for from their communities - safety, economic opportunities, and expanded possibilities for active living. And the truth is, residents of all ages share this vision."

Over the 15 years I have known Jason he has consistently demonstrated a concern for the health and future of West Kelowna. He is collaborative, a good listener, and measured in his approach. We are fortunate to have him working to help guide the policies that will impact West Kelowna for years to come. Jason Friesen will absolutely have my vote at election time.

Brian Hawkins


I’ve always found Jason to be thoughtful, intellectual and committed. He cares deeply about the work he does for our community of West Kelowna. He is fair and communicative. He listens and respects the concerns of others. Jason Friesen has my vote.

Rob Murphy


Jason Friesen works to guide and balance the city's strategy for managing the needs and wants of our diverse residents.


Economic Opportunity

Lifestyle Enrichment

"Let's keep moving forward together and shape a safe community with opportunities for everyone to thrive."

Jason Friesen


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Get Involved. Shape our Community's Future.

West Kelowna City Councillors should work to overcome growth challenges while preserving the best things about our community. Join us in supporting Jason Friesen as he seeks to guide West Kelowna for a second term.

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Get a Yard Sign

Spread the word about both the municipal election and your support of Jason for a second term!

Help Jason reach more residents and fill a council seat with experience and competence to keep moving West Kelowna forward.


As the election gets closer, Jason will be working with a team of volunteers to create awareness and encourage people to vote.

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"I have been honoured, humbled and excited to serve my fellow residents. It would be a privilege to continue to do so."
Jason Friesen

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